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There’s a lot to worry about in the world. Between large-scale human suffering, societal concerns about the future, and our own individual problems, it’s not hard to find something that’s worth a good gnawed nail.

What canbe hard to find are things to be happy about. Von Verity was founded to search for them.

We aren’t about feel-good news stories and random acts of kindness. Those are lovely, don’t get us wrong, but we want more. We want to figure out how to be hopeful in everyday, boring, normal life when there aren’t any living saints skipping around, spreading happiness.

So we search for Hope in the form of Truth. Nice, hearty, academically-minded, interdisciplinary, out-of-the-box, truth.

We believe there is beauty in learning, and that the more we learn, the more reason we have to have hope. There is pure, simple joy in discovering unexpected truths about our world, and often this occurs through interdisciplinary thinking. Within the counterintuitive overlaps between differing areas of study, there are ideas beautiful enough to rival any frustrating fact we despise out in the world.

After all, what is curiosity if not imaginative hope?

Despite the “we” used throughout Von Verity, its content is run by one peron. She’s the “Kerry” of the study abroad blogs featured on the Travel page. As an undergraduate at Ohio State University, Kerry majored in International Studies with a specialization in Globalization Studies and minored in French, Economics, and Creative Writing. She then flew the American coop for a year and pursued an MA in Creative Writing at University College Dublin in Ireland. She recently completed an MA in Professional Writing at the University of Cincinnati. Her twitter handle is @andkerryulm and you can find out more about why she created Von Verity by either tweeting her or reading the origin story.

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