One of our favorite things to do at Von Verity is to explore the depths of the internet’s educational content to see what there is to find. Here are our findings, which we call “Artifacts.”
258 | Speaking on the Square: The history of the Bughouse Square Debates
257 | Teams and Talking Points: The USA’s national debate team
256 | Films and Forums: The best debate scenes in movies
255 | Democracy and Discourse: The American presidential debates
254 | Chicago, Who?: The other Great Fire of October 1871
253 | Culinarily v. Botanically: The court decision that ruled on whether tomatoes are fruits
252 | Behind the Blood: How the analysis of bloodstain patterns works
251 | Wildfires around the World: From the internet’s archives
250 | Plumes and Prisoners: A history of California’s incarcerated firefighters
249 | Smokey and Science: What causes California’s wildfires
248 | Grazing Goats: One solution for preventing wildfires
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