Let’s Get Physical

Exploring the world of physical exercise

Every living body in the world moves, and for humans, often that movement comes with dedicated physical exercise. Here’s a look at some of the many ways that humans stay active–and the tools that help them do so.

60 | Somebody Wants to Dance With Somebody
Praise be to the genre of song covers. It’s music multiplied, creativity expanded, and artists being artists together, separately.
69 | Tap Skating
May we all aspire to learn this special skill. Behold: Gene Kelly tap dancing… while wearing roller skates.
144 | On the Run: How different marathons compare to each other
A chart-based comparison of different marathons based on hills
165 | Rolling on the River: Munich’s unusual pastime
A look at Munich's river surfing and its unexpected origin
168 | Above it All: The most innovative Olympic stadiums
An exploration of the design of Olympic stadiums over time around the world
191 | Owners and Ramblers: The right to roam laws
A podcast episode on the right to roam in the U.K.--and the lack of it in the U.S.
206 | Roars and Riffs: The rise of stadium chant, “Seven Nation Army”
An overview of The White Stripes and their most famous song, "Seven Nation Army"