War and Peace

Examining what conflict (and the lack of it) consists of

Whether you're living now, then, or sometime up ahead, it seems as though humans are always at war. Here we look at what constitutes war and how that relates to peace, especially since there is often more to both than we realize

205 | Off-road Trip: The history of the Cumberland Gap
The website for Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, which contains a video overview of the park
204 | Goetta Plate: The Queen City's favorite breakfast food
An overview of the quintessential German-American dish native to Cincinnati: goetta
203 | From One Hill to Another: How terms transformed between Scotland and the U.S.
A short video explaining the unexpected origins of the terms "redneck" and "hillbilly"
201 | They Let Them Eat Cake: How Danes quietly used food to rebel against German occupation
A look into the Dybbøl Windmill's role during WWII as a site for socializing--and eating elaborate cakes and pastries
198 | Mines and Magnetism: Degaussing in WWII
An explanation of how in WWII Germany used naval mines that were detonated by ships' magnetic fields in--and how the British got around them
195 | Twirl: What is a put and take top?
An overview of the put-and-take top, a gambling tool
194 | Boom! A baby boomer blog
A blog dedicated to travel, American history, and exploring the Baby Boomer generation
186 | Food for Thought: What the founding fathers ate to celebrate Independence Day
A look at what the founding fathers ate on the first 4th of July celebration
184 | Their Air: The history of the 99s, a female pilot organization
A series of links outlining the history of the 99s, an all-female aviation organization
179 | Literary Landscape: Cold Mountain, the non-fictional fictional location
A look at the real Cold Mountain in North Carolina, the real-life version of the location that was featured in the novel of the same name
178 | Buried Treasure: The discovery of Blackbeard's sword
As they excavated the Queen Anne's Revenge, archaeologists made a noteworthy discovery
174 | Nope: The American nuclear bomb that landed in North Carolina
A look at the nuclear bomb that was (accidentally) dropped on North Carolina
173 | Beachside Relics: The unique structures of Topsail, North Carolina
An explanation of the tall, rugged towers that line Topsail, North Carolina's coast
170 | All the Walls: Famous walls over the years
A look at a variety of powerful walls (for different reasons!) that have existed around the world
166 | Behind Enemy Lens: German views of Dunkirk
A collection of photographs of Dunkirk post-evacuation taken by Hitler's photographer
163 | Adaptations Upon Adaptations: The defeat of the Austrian Army at the Battle of Ulm…in literature…on film
A scene from the BBC's 2016 adaptation of War & Peace, depicting the Austrian Army's defeat by Napolean I and the French Army at Ulm
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