Just another song we like. There could be millions, but the ones we happen to find win the luck of the draw. Of course, we can’t comment on how “good” the song is because we don’t really know how to determine “good” music.

It’s “Take Your Guess” by Tom Rosenthal, a London musician who writes songs and soundtracks. On his website and social media, there’re lovely sounds and sights thanks to his music videos which are both unique among others and unique from each other.

So, two things about the song: the video and the lyrics.

The video’s simple. Rosenthal pops up around the countryside and city interacting with the landscapes and peoplescapes he encounters. On large signs that he and strangers hold, bits of lyrics from the song dot the clips.

It’s the lyrics that we like best. Not just the simple organization of ideas (I did this, it went differently than expected, but that’s fine) but also because of the message.

“I didn’t dance how I wanted to dance,
I did a bit of a prance and that’s fine.”


“I took a road that wasn’t the road
but it was something I chose and that’s fine.”

And, our favorite because it seems most applicable to Von Verity:

“I look out the window somedays,
I see a million ways and that’s fine.”

So, “can’t you see it’s all just chaos?”

Image: “Alley of Itri,” by Antonio Sicurezza, 1969 via Wikimedia Commons